We invite all interested parties who want to obtain qualifications to install heating installations based on foils and heating mats to our training courses.

We offer training for installers and authorization.

Authorization training – who are they intended for?

The training can be attended by people who:

  1. Have basic vocational education or equivalent in the field of installing devices and installations: sanitary, energy, heating, cooling or electrical.
  2. They want to expand the scope of their business by installing or selling heating installations.
  3. They want to expand their knowledge in the field of electrical heating installations
  4. They want to become authorized TERMOFOL installers

About the training

The training is divided into two parts – theoretical and practical.

The theoretical part of the training covers the division, specification, selection and design of heating systems based on TERMOFOL products.

The practical part covers classes in the installation of heating systems. Future installers will learn how to properly connect and program thermoregulators and how to avoid errors when performing installation.

The number of participants is limited, so prior registration is required. To register for the training, please complete the form available in the link below.

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Become an authorized installer of Termofol systems. We offer professional training for installers in the installation of our brand heating systems. Thanks to us, you will gain qualifications to perform installations based on heating mats and foils. We provide both the course and authorization. Our underfloor heating course will not only expand your knowledge and improve your qualifications. Thanks to it, you will learn how to professionally install our heating installations, and thus expand the service offer of your company.

We have prepared a number of amenities and solutions for students. We offer access to innovative products, attractive commercial conditions and professional training materials. After completing the course, you will receive an Authorized Installer Certificate and Termofol Designer software.

Heating installation training consists of two parts: theoretical and practical. First, course participants will learn the scope of division, selection rules, specifications and information on designing heating installations using our brand devices. As for the practical part, students will take part in classes on the installation of heating systems. They will learn how to properly connect and program thermoregulators and install other system elements. They will also gain knowledge on how to avoid mistakes during installation and thus install our systems correctly.

Heating installation training – gain new qualifications

comprehensive underfloor heating course will allow you to gain new qualifications that will certainly be useful in your professional career. Thanks to it, you will expand the scope of services and acquire new customers. Installation of Termofol heating systems will also allow you to install excellent quality products at investors’ premises. We have been operating in the industry for years, providing customers with efficient and effective heating solutions every day, which is confirmed by a wide, constantly growing group of satisfied users.

We invite people who want to expand the scope of their business to sell or install heating installations to training for installers. Our offer is also addressed to people with basic vocational education or equivalent in the field of installation of heating, but also electrical, refrigeration, energy and sanitary devices and installations. The underfloor heating course will be useful for people who want to become authorized installers of Termofol systems, as well as those interested in expanding their knowledge of electric heating installations.

Modern and efficient Termofol heating systems

Termofol heating foils and mats are a very popular type of electric heating, appreciated by customers and experts. Our brand devices are distinguished by their operational reliability, durability and functionality. They are inexpensive to use – Termofol heating foils consume half as much electricity as traditional heating mats of other brands. Their advantage is also the low purchase cost – they are cheaper than most central and underfloor heating systems.

Termofol systems are very durable and resistant to damage, which allows their service life to be estimated at up to a hundred years. Installation of heating installations does not require the purchase and installation of a boiler, central heating furnace or extensive heating network. The system is safe to use. Both floor, wall and ceiling heating foil does not cause problems with carbon monoxide or improper exhaust gas discharge. It also allows you to avoid other common problems associated with central heating boilers, such as the risk of explosion or fire.

Installing our brand heating systems also eliminates the risk of chimney problems. The Termofol infrared system does not require exhaust gas discharge, which eliminates the need for regular cleaning or inspection of the chimney. By choosing this solution, the investor does not have to worry about replenishing water in the central heating network or bleeding it.

Installation of Termofol electric heating installations also involves minimizing heat losses. Our foils generate temperature at the point of heating, which helps avoid losses resulting from energy transmission. They do not require the installation of radiator networks, which can be troublesome in modern arrangements. This solution also eliminates the need to keep an eye on filling the fuel tank and control the temperature, as is the case with standard boilers.

The numerous advantages of Terfol infrared heating installations make them so popular and willingly chosen by customers. Therefore, when you decide to undergo underfloor heating training on our brand’s products, you can be sure that you will gain the knowledge and qualifications to install the best quality systems that are very popular among investors. In this way, you will expand the scope of services and thus significantly increase the chances of acquiring new customers and developing your business.