Is it possible to create a heating system that will provide heat in the house without generating operating costs?

Do you want to heat your home for free?

Just combine the TERMOFOL heating system with a well-selected photovoltaic installation to minimize heating costs to PLN 0!

Our solution will allow you to heat your home for free, maintenance-free and emission-free for many years, while ensuring the highest comfort in the building.

If you are building or renovating a house, choose our solutions and heat it for free. Our company’s designers will select the heating system and photovoltaics so that your bills will be minimal or even equal to PLN 0.

You ask how this is possible when most energy is produced in summer?

The NETMETERING rolling system is a solution that assumes settlement with the energy company on a balance basis. We pay for the difference of what we produced by balancing what we consumed. When choosing this solution, the energy company installs a meter that counts the kW produced by our installation and the kW consumed from the power grid. The operator is obliged to buy back the energy produced, and payment is made twice a year.

Step 1

You install the TERMOFOL heating system and photovoltaics.

Step 2

In summer you store energy in the grid

Step 3

You heat your house with it in winter.

Are you wondering if our solution is expensive?

We answer: NO.

For example, for a house with an area of 120 m2 and a demand of 30 kWh/m2, the investment in the TERMOFOL heating system combined with photovoltaics is lower than the investment costs in a natural gas heating system and much lower than the cost of a heat pump.

Where to start?

Step 1


Prepare your house design.

Step 2

Heating system

Choose underfloor, wall or ceiling heating.

Step 3


Choose one of the available thermoregulators.

Step 4

Write to us!

Send us your project and information about the selected system and control, and our designers will prepare a comprehensive quote.

PS. Don’t forget about the energy characteristics, without this document we will not select a photovoltaic installation.