Electric fireplace inserts

TF-EF 1400 electric fireplace insert

Discover the perfect fireplace atmosphere in any room thanks to the innovative electric fireplace insert. Remote control is one of the key functions of this fireplace insert. Thanks to it, you can conveniently and easily control the flame and heating power. This versatile fireplace insert is designed to fit into any room. It can be installed in many ways to meet any ventilation requirements. 

Whether you want to install it in place of an existing fireplace, place it on the floor next to a wall, or anywhere else, we are ready to meet your needs. Installing our fireplace insert is extremely simple and quick. It only takes 5 minutes to install it. This is an incredibly convenient solution for people looking for a quick and easy way to create a warm and cozy fireplace atmosphere in their home. Take advantage of advanced technology and shorten assembly time.

TF-EF-1300 electric fireplace insert

Create a cozy fireplace atmosphere in your home with an innovative electric fireplace insert. Control the flame and heating power with the remote control. Our fireplace insert is emission-free and easy to install – just connect and install. The multifunctional design suits any interior. Additionally, the built-in speaker imitates the sound of burning wood for the full experience of burning wood. 

It is a comfortable, functional and ecological solution that creates a realistic fireplace atmosphere in any room. This fireplace insert can be used in any room. It can be installed in place of an existing fireplace, placed on the floor next to a wall or in any place that meets the requirements for maintaining the correct distance from ventilation openings. Thanks to this versatility, you can enjoy its charm in every corner of your home.