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Home energy demand calculator

Analyzing the energy expenditure of a standard Polish household, it can be concluded that up to 80% of the costs are generated by home heating and preparation of hot water. For comparison, the purchase of electricity accounts for approximately 20-30% of the budget. It is therefore not surprising that more and more people are looking for an ecological and economical alternative to heating systems powered by solid fuels, such as electricity heating.

The decision to choose electric heating very often goes hand in hand with investing in renewable energy sources, such as photovoltaic panels, which allow you to become completely independent from the supply of electricity from the grid. How to precisely calculate how much energy electricity underfloor heating will consume in your apartment? Just use our home heating calculator!

How to calculate the costs of electric heating in an apartment?

The electricity calculator available on this website allows you to calculate with high accuracy the annual costs of electricity consumption needed to power underfloor heating. Importantly, the tool takes into account factors such as the usable area of the house or the energy class of the facility, individual for each building. When making calculations, you can also take into account a programmable thermostat, which will additionally increase the efficiency of the entire system and help reduce the operating costs of the underfloor heating system.

Our heating calculator also allows you to modify the price for 1 kWh of energy, depending on changing market rates, price lists of individual operators, or the type of tariff used. Thanks to this, we offer by far the most accurate electricity payment calculator among such tools available free of charge on the Internet.

Underfloor heating calculator

The energy class of the building is also a very important factor determining the costs of electric heating in the house. It determines how many kilowatts of energy will be needed to heat 1 m2 of the house on an annual basis. The presented underfloor heating calculator offers as many as 7 different classes. As you can easily guess, a house without thermal insulation (class E) will generate much higher heating costs than a very well insulated building (class A). Passive houses have definitely the lowest energy demand, due to their construction and the solutions used, e.g. mechanical ventilation with heat recovery.

Electric underfloor heating operating costs

Let’s use a building with an area of 100 m2 as an example for comparison. The average price for 1 kWh of electricity is PLN 0.6. Depending on the energy class of the house, the total power of the heating installation without a programmable thermostat will be:

– 16,500 W for a house without insulation (class E),

– 10,500 W for a house with medium insulation (class C),

– 6000 W for a house with very good insulation (class A).

When calculating the annual home heating fee for each of the above cases, the calculator shows the following amounts: PLN 9,000, PLN 4,800 and PLN 1,200. Assuming that the heating system is additionally equipped with a programmable thermostat, the costs will decrease to PLN 7,200 (class E), PLN 3,840 (class C) and only PLN 960 for energy class A, respectively.

How does electric underfloor heating work?

While traditional convection heating heats the air, an electric heating system emits infrared radiation, heating objects in the room. This makes it possible to heat objects and people very precisely and evenly by releasing energy via electromagnetic waves. This technology allows you to reduce heat losses caused by, among others, leakage of heated air through building partitions when using traditional radiators.

Advantages of electric underfloor heating

Choosing such a heating system has many advantages. The economic advantages are perfectly demonstrated by our home heating cost calculator, which allows you to exclude the savings offered by an electric underfloor heating system compared to a traditional central heating installation. However, when investing in electric heating, operating costs are not the only advantage. The most important benefits of choosing such a system include:

– possibility of installation in all rooms – including the kitchen and bathroom,

– compatibility with most floor coverings used, such as: panels, parquet, stoneware, stone, etc.,

– fully maintenance-free, ecological nature of the heating installation,

– no radiators – greater space saving in rooms,

– resignation from the boiler room and no costs related to its equipment,

– possibility of connecting to a photovoltaic installation.

Choose an environmentally friendly heating system and see how much you can save by investing in a modern heat source. Use the electric heating calculator and calculate the exact cost of installing and operating a heating system in your home today!