Built-in electric


The HM series electric fireplace heater is a modern electric fireplace insert, equipped with advanced 3D LED technology, which provides incredibly realistic visual flame effects. It is an ideal solution for indoor use, in places where traditional fireplaces cannot be installed. Thanks to its black appearance and finish, it will fit perfectly into a variety of interiors. Additionally, it has the ability to adjust the color of fire and lighting. This gives you the freedom to personalize it at any time. 

The HM series fireplace is hand-decorated with resin logs and colorful crystals, and the whole thing is covered by glass, which adds elegance. Easy control is possible thanks to the touch remote control or control panel. In addition, the device is equipped with a two-stage heating system that effectively raises the room temperature on colder days, providing additional warmth and comfort. 

Our electric fireplace is a perfect solution for interiors where it is impossible to use a traditional wood-burning fireplace or where there is no gas installation. Just connect the device to the mains and it can be used. Installation of HM series fireplaces is quick, simple and does not require any financial outlays.

Advantages of HM series fireplace heaters


    Controlling the HM series fireplace is easy and intuitive. You can operate it using a touchscreen remote control or a wireless controller mounted on the wall.


    The HM series fireplace uses an advanced lighting system based on LED diodes and prisms that create realistic flame effects. Thanks to Reflex technology, the light from the fireplace reflects off the specially colored, mirrored rear wall, giving the flames depth and an authentic look.


    The HM series electric fireplace has been carefully decorated to ensure an impressive appearance of the fireplace. Hand-made resin logs and amber crystals add naturalness and elegance.


    You don't have to limit yourself to one look of flames in your interior. Thanks to unlimited light and color setting options, you can easily and safely match the appearance of the fireplace to the design of the room and your mood. Easy installation without the need to interfere with the building structure makes such a solution available immediately.


    Our fireplace set includes a remote control and a wireless wall controller, which enable easy control of the fireplace. Using them, you can adjust the color, light intensity and heating modes.


    Adjust the fireplace lighting to your preferences. You can adjust the color and intensity of light in three independent zones: flames, bottom of the fireplace and decorative wood lighting.


    The floor of the electric fireplace insert is illuminated and filled with colors. The electric fireplace is decorated with irregular decorative crystals that partially transmit and reflect light. Thanks to this, not only does the flame look like a real one, but it also imitates its movement in a very realistic way.


    Downward LED lighting at the top of the fireplace gives the flames a three-dimensional look.


    Do you prefer a natural amber shade or a vibrant turquoise? You can choose the fire color that best suits your taste. The Astro fireplace offers smooth regulation of light color in three zones of the device, which gives an unlimited number of combinations.

Specifications and dimensions

Length of the fireplace1050mm2032mm1500mm840mm
Height of the fireplace460mm460mm460mm460mm
Width of the fireplace179mm179mm179mm179mm
Tension230V AC230V AC230V AC230V AC
Current6.5 A6.5 A6.5 A6.5 A

Compact electric fireplace TF – EF 1323-90

The compact electric fireplace combines functionality and aesthetics and is perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere in your home. Our fireplace not only reproduces the effect of flame, but also has a built-in heating option. You can enjoy the pleasant warmth that spreads throughout the room, providing comfort on colder days. The device allows you to adjust the brightness of the flame, allowing you to adjust it to your preferences. Regardless of whether you want to create a romantic, warm atmosphere or subtle lighting, you can freely control the intensity of the flames. 

The remote control function allows you to conveniently and easily manage the fireplace. Using the remote control, you can turn on, turn off, adjust the flame brightness and adjust the heating level, without having to get up from your comfortable place. We designed ours with ease of installation in mind. Thanks to its compact size, you can easily install it yourself. No specialized staff or complicated tools are needed. In a short time you will be able to enjoy the fireplace effect. 

The realistic flame effect in the Termofol fireplace is achieved by using two 40-watt bulbs with an E-12 thread (small). These bulbs create beautiful and warm light that enlivens the room, giving the illusion of a burning fireplace. It is easy to keep clean. By using mild cleaning agents and a soft cloth, external dirt can be easily removed.


Electric fireplace TF-EF-1325-051

We present the Terfol electric fireplace, which will bring a unique atmosphere and warmth to your home. This modern fireplace not only provides a pleasant atmosphere of a bonfire, but also offers many advanced functions that will make you enjoy full control over your fireplace. The first distinguishing feature of the Termofol fireplace are acrylic crystals that perfectly imitate wooden logs. 

Controlling the fireplace is extremely simple and intuitive. You can use the touch panel located on the fireplace or a convenient remote control. The remote control allows you to precisely set the desired temperature so that you can always enjoy optimal thermal comfort. Additionally, thanks to the built-in heater, the Terfol fireplace can also heat the room, providing an additional source of heat on cold days. An additional advantage of the Termofol fireplace is the ability to be controlled via Bluetooth and a dedicated smartphone application. 

Thanks to this, you can manage all the functions of the fireplace with comfort and ease, even when you are in another room. The Termofol electric fireplace is not only an excellent source of heat, but also a designer decorative element that will become the focal point of your interior. Make your home a place you always want to come back to and enjoy the atmosphere of a Termofol fireplace today!

Compact electric fireplace TF – EF 1326-011

Create an extraordinary atmosphere in your interior with an electric fireplace. Our electric fireplace offers many functions that will make your home an oasis of warmth, elegance and comfort.

One of the most impressive features of our fireplace is the realistic 3D flame. Thanks to this function, you can enjoy the effect of burning wood in the most authentic way. Choose from 6 different flame colors to match the mood and style of your interior. Additionally, by adjusting the flame brightness, you can adjust the fire intensity to your preferences. The electric fireplace is also equipped with a useful timer function. Our electric fireplace is also equipped with modern control functions. The LED display ensures easy operation and access to all functions of the fireplace.

Paying attention to aesthetics, the fireplace also offers decorative elements such as wood or crystals that can be adapted to your taste. Thanks to 5 settings for adjusting the brightness of the fireplace and 5 flame settings, you can control the dynamics and intensity of the fire, creating the perfect atmosphere in your interior.


Electric fireplace TF-EF-1328-011

Our modern and functional electric fireplace inserts are an ideal solution for people who want to enjoy the beauty and warmth of the flame without having to have a traditional fireplace. Our product offers many advantages that will give your home a unique character. 

One of the features of our insert is convenient control. You can easily adjust the settings using the buttons on the housing, giving you full control over the flame and heating function. Alternatively, you can use the remote control to conveniently use our product from anywhere in the room. The electric fireplace insert also allows you to adjust the flame brightness. Thanks to this, you can adjust the atmosphere to your mood. Discover a romantic and subdued atmosphere with a weak flame or emphasize the intensity of the fire to create a unique atmosphere. 

The heating function is another advantage of our insert. You can use it on cold days when you want to feel pleasant warmth in your home. Now you can enjoy not only a beautiful flame, but also additional heating that will create comfortable conditions in the room. Finally, the effective combustion chamber of our insert perfectly imitates a real flame. Thanks to advanced technology and eye-catching design, you will be able to enjoy the vision of fire without the danger of a traditional fireplace.


Modern electric fireplaces of the TF-EF-1326 series are an ideal solution for people who want to introduce a new, practical decorative element to their interior. 

Electric fireplaces, unlike their classic counterparts, do not require a complicated chimney installation, do not generate smoke or ash, and the effect of flames and glowing logs they generate is very realistic. 

Fireplaces from the TF-EF-1326 series allow you to set the color of the ember illumination, the color of the flames and the brightness and speed of the flame effect. All this using the included remote control, application or touch panel on the housing. 

Our fireplaces are also equipped with a heating function. The heater can operate in two modes (750W and 1500W), heating the room in which the device is installed. 

The elegant glass front panel with illuminated control buttons ensures a timeless, aesthetic appearance and durability. Fireplaces from the 1326 series are an excellent choice for many years!


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Yes, an electric fireplace can heat a room. Termofol’s offer includes fireplaces equipped with a heater. They can therefore be a source of heat – but not the main one, but an additional one. Please remember that the heater will not be as effective as, for example, infrared heating foil or mat.

An electric fireplace can be installed in virtually any room. It does not require chimney flues because it does not produce smoke or soot. It can be mounted on a wall, inside a piece of furniture or even on a wall dividing two rooms or spaces. A popular method is to install an electric fireplace in place of a traditional device. Nowadays, more and more cities are deciding to introduce a ban on burning wood, so more and more people are deciding to replace the classic fireplace with an electric one.

The energy consumption of an electric fireplace depends on its power and operating time, as well as on its equipment. Fireplaces that have a purely aesthetic function consume minimal amounts of electricity. If the device is additionally equipped with a heater, its power is higher and therefore it will consume more electricity. How much? It depends on the power of the heater. Our offer includes models that consume 1,300 W of electricity per hour. There are also more powerful models, the consumption of which is 2000 W. However, it is still economical heating considering that it does not work for a long time, but only for a shorter period.To zależy od mocy nagrzewnicy. W naszej ofercie są modele, które zużywają 1300 W prądu w ciągu godziny. Są również modele mocniejsze, których zużycie wynosi 2000 W. Niemniej jednak jest to nadal oszczędne ogrzewanie zważając, że nie działa ono przez długi czas tylko przez krótszy okres.

fire in an electric fireplace is completely safe because it doesn’t actually exist. It is the result of the use of heating and lighting elements that imitate flames. The fire is created by using special logs that imitate real wood. Terfol offers electric fireplaces in which the flame is generated thanks to the use of LED screens. This makes our fireplaces unrivaled because they offer additional effects such as the ability to set the color of the flame and logs. Classic fireplaces do not have such amenities. Instead, they have soot, smoke and clogged flues that need to be cleaned. It depends on the power of the heater. Our offer includes models that consume 1,300 W of electricity per hour. There are also more powerful models, the consumption of which is 2000 W. However, it is still economical heating considering that it does not work for a long time, but only for a shorter period.

Electric fireplaces are considered safe because they do not use real fire, and the models we offer come with safety features such as automatic shutdown in the event of overheating. The lack of live fire also affects the safety of children. Due to the fact that the fireplace and logs are not real, there is no risk of burns.

Yes, an electric fireplace can replace a traditional wood fireplace, especially if visual impact and a bonfire atmosphere are the goals. This is especially important in cities that have introduced or plan to introduce a ban on burning wood in the coming years. Our offer includes high-class built-in fireplaces that can be installed in place of a classic device. Thanks to this, it will still be the focal point of the room, but it will not be subject to any prohibition.

Connecting an electric fireplace is usually a simple process. In most cases, it is enough to plug it into a standard socket. It does not require complicated installations. Also, assembly is quite simple and you can do it yourself. The manual included with the device contains all the necessary information on how to install the fireplace.

An inspection of an electric fireplace is not required. In models equipped with a heater, lubrication of the engine is not required. However, all service work, such as replacing cables or other fireplace components, should be performed by a qualified electrician.

Electric fireplaces are quiet in operation. They generate little noise, which is mainly related to the operation of the fan to distribute heat. Only models that are equipped with speakers that optionally imitate the cracking of wood generate sound, but it is desirable. The other models do not emit excessive noise.

The advantages of electric fireplaces are: easy installation, no need for a chimney and safety. Our offer includes fireplaces with many additional and useful functions, such as remote control. Some models of our fireplaces are equipped with a Wi-Fi module that allows you to control them via a dedicated application. What distinguishes Terfol electric fireplaces is the ability to set the flame color, as well as a convenient timer that will turn the fireplace off and on according to your schedule.

The main differences between electric fireplaces and traditional wood fireplaces are the lack of an actual fire and the lack of the need to store the wood and clean up the ashes. Our offer includes models equipped with additional heaters that will provide heat – just like in a real bonfire.

Electric fireplaces can have various additional functions, such as adjustable heating power, flame color effects, sound effects, remote control and programmable timers.