Outdoor infrared heaters

Unique design and high functionality.

Garden infrared heaters

Unique design and high functionality.

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Check out outdoor infrared heaters in our store.

Shop conveniently

Check out outdoor infrared heaters in our store.


TERMOFOL outdoor infrared heaters are manufactured using the latest technology and a unique design. The radiator core is made of a special material produced using technology used in aviation (resistance heater in a ceramic coating). The energy efficiency factor of our radiators is 99%, which means that they are very efficient and energy-saving products. The surface of the heating panels is covered with a special layer with the addition of nano-material that protects the panel against the effects of working at high temperatures while maintaining the free emission of infrared radiation. This layer increases the infrared radiation index by up to 86%. TERMOFOL radiators are quiet in operation, energy-saving, comfortable and reliable – which makes them widely used in both industry and home applications. They can be controlled using the Termofol Smart application and the remote control supplied with the device.

TERMOFOL TF-1200IR infrared heaters

  • The best heating method.
  • The most effective and precise device compared to conventional radiators.
  • Fast heating time.
  • Pleasant feelings when using infrared, which has a relaxing, healthy heat effect.
  • Heater using modern infrared technology.
  • Control via app, thermostat or remote control.
  • Programmable,
  • 3-step power regulation: 400/800/1200W;
  • IP55 tightness class;
  • Dimensions (length / width / thickness mm) 930/200/50

TERMOFOL TF-2400IR infrared heaters

  • The best heating method.;
  • The most effective and precise device compared to conventional radiators.;
  • Fast heating time.;
  • Pleasant feelings when using infrared, which has a relaxing, healthy heat effect;
  • Heater using modern infrared technology;
  • Control via application, thermostat or remote control;
  • Programmable,
  • 3-step power regulation: 800/1600/2400W;
  • IP55 tightness class;
  • Dimensions (length / width / thickness mm) 1460/200/50

Advantages of TERMOFOL outdoor infrared heaters

Efficiency, Revolutionary Design

Infrared waves are not visible to the human eye but are felt as heat. The highest efficiency combined with innovative control guarantees minimal operating costs.

Energy saving

The highest efficiency means low operating costs. The lack of long warm-up allows you to program short heating periods, thus avoiding unproductive heating. Can be used for short periods of time and e.g. in heating cycles.


Time – fast heating, no heat loss, quick warm-up, programming and timer option
Money - the highest efficiency and effectiveness compared to traditional convection heaters

Comfort, Quality of workmanship

Full comfort of use, enjoy pleasant warmth in a short time, without waiting for start-up. Hassle-free installation and operation. Control your heating system from anywhere in the world.The highest quality of workmanship, the highest efficiency and a multitude of functions are just the basic parameters of this device.

Thermostat and remote control - convenient control of the infrared heater

The built-in thermoregulator allows you to individually adjust the temperature and operating time. Possibility to set individual temperature and timer. Create ideal conditions for yourself and choose comfort.

Control from the Tuya Smart or TERMOFOL Smart application

Get to know the Tuya Smart or TERMOFOL Smart application and take advantage of the opportunities offered. Power, timer and schedule settings are only the basic functionalities of the offered product. The innovative solution allows you to control your heating from anywhere in the world.

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Get to know the quality of TERMOFOL

Benefits of using the TERMOFOL heating panel

  • Stable European brand, leader in the field of infrared-based heating technologies.
  • Manufacturer of reliable electrical devices with positive tests and examinations for compliance with European standards.
  • A wide range of products allows you to choose the perfect devices for your needs.
  • Possibility of returning the goods and a 24-month manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Immediate shipment from our own warehouses – from Poland (you don’t have to wait many weeks for delivery)
  • Safe delivery thanks to solid packaging, notifications at every stage of order processing (When we send the shipment, we send you the consignment note number)
  • The highest quality of customer service, the hotline is at your disposal
  • We provide our knowledge and support at every stage, in case of problems will certainly be solved as a priority.
  • Customer satisfaction is the most important for us, we have received the Dobra Marka, Super Marka and Consumer Laurel awards many times, which confirm that our words are true.
  • Fast heating (affects objects and users, not air)
  • No heat loss, minimized air convection
  • Easy installation
  • Comfortable and simple operation
  • Allergy-friendly – Does not raise dust and does not cause air circulation
  • Aesthetic and minimalist design
  • Energy saving Long service life
  • Safe – has protection against overheating and child protection
  • Certified – meets all rigorous norms and standards around the world.
  • Revolutionary control.
  • Possibility of control via the thermostat, remote control and Application.
  • Solidity and precision of workmanship (manufacturer’s warranty provided in Door-to-Door mode)

Infrared heaters – frequently asked questions

An infrared heater is an electrical device that emits infrared radiation. It is a type of electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength longer than visible light but shorter than microwaves. Infrared radiation is invisible to the human eye, but has the ability to penetrate air and interact with objects, causing them to heat up.

Choosing the right infrared heaters depends on your specific needs and applications. It is worth paying attention to issues such as the type of infrared heaters, their power, range and coverage area. You cannot ignore such amenities as the ability to adjust power and other settings. There are different types of infrared heaters, such as shortwave and longwave heaters. Shortwave heaters are effective in infrared therapy, while longwave heaters are often used in heating systems. Choose the type that best suits your needs. The power of the infrared heater is an important factor. This determines the intensity of radiation and the ability to heat. Make sure you choose heaters with the appropriate power to meet your heating or therapeutic needs. Check the range and coverage area of the heaters. Some heaters have a narrow radius of action that focuses on a small area, while others have a larger radius of action, allowing you to cover a larger area. Select heaters with the appropriate range and coverage area to suit your room or target area. Some infrared heaters offer adjustable power and various settings that allow you to adjust the radiation intensity to suit your preferences and needs. Take a look at the power and setting options available on radiant heaters to have more control over the heating or therapeutic process.

Infrared heaters have several advantages that make them an attractive solution for terrace heating. Firstly, infrared heaters work immediately after switching on, there is no need to wait for the air around to heat up. Secondly, infrared radiation is directed directly at the area we want to heat, which minimizes heat loss. Thirdly, infrared heaters are convenient to use, they can be easily controlled via the control panel, so you can adjust the power and temperature to your preferences. When heating a terrace, infrared heaters can be mounted on the ceiling or wall, depending on your preferences and design. terrace. Ceiling mounting allows for even distribution of radiation over the entire terrace surface, while wall mounting can be more focused on a specific area. It is important that radiant heaters are properly installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Yes, infrared heaters can be mounted on walls. Wall mounting is a popular way of installing infrared heaters, especially when heating terraces, patios or areas around restaurants.

Wall mounting allows you to direct infrared radiation in a specific direction or area, which can be especially useful when you want to concentrate the heat in a specific place, for example, on a given area of the terrace, tables or seats.

However, it is important to follow several rules when mounting it on the wall. First of all, infrared heaters should be mounted at the appropriate height and distance from the surface to avoid the risk of burns or damage. You should also make sure that the radiators are firmly mounted and protected from weather conditions, such as rain or strong wind.

Before mounting the radiators on the wall, we recommend consulting the manufacturer’s instructions, which will provide detailed instructions for safe and effective installation. It may also be helpful to use professionals who have experience installing infrared heaters.

The terms “infrared heater” and “radiant heater” are often used interchangeably because they both refer to devices that emit infrared radiation for heating. However, there is some distinction between them: A radiant heater is a type of infrared heater that is specially designed to emit infrared radiation. It may take the form of a lamp, panel, stove, heater or other form of device that emits concentrated infrared radiation in a specific direction. Radiant heaters are often used for local heating, e.g. on terraces, in cafes or in infrared therapy.

Yes, provided that the house in which it will operate is properly insulated. It is worth noting that the radiant heater can also be an additional source of heat in the room. If necessary, the infrared heater can work with other heating systems.

Even though it is electric heating, its profitability is no worse than other systems. If the house in which the infrared heater operates has adequate thermal insulation, the profitability of the device increases. Infrared heaters are able to quickly heat the room, which is the essence of the profitability of this device.

The radiant heater is an electrical device, but its use does not pose a threat to the user. If it is used correctly and according to the instructions, the device will be safe for all household members.

The lifespan of electric heaters may vary depending on the quality of the device, brand, use and other factors. Generally speaking, good quality infrared heaters can have a lifespan of 5 to 10 years or even longer. However, please note that the lifespan of infrared heaters can be shortened in the event of incorrect installation, poor use or improper maintenance. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing, operating and maintaining your heater to ensure long-term, trouble-free operation.

The location of the infrared heater depends on the specific application and user preferences. It may be a terrace or patio, a garage, or a home workshop. The infrared heater will also successfully heat cafes and restaurants and their gardens. In swimming pool or spa spaces, infrared heaters can be mounted on the ceiling to provide warmth and comfort to users around the pool or relaxation area. It is worth noting here that the installation of infrared heaters is simple and can be performed by anyone who has basic technical knowledge. It does not require any interference with the building or carrying out complicated and expensive renovation of the house, apartment or room.