About the TERMOFOL brand

Termofol is a manufacturer offering high-quality heating devices – heating foils and mats, thermoregulators, mirror foils, infrared panels and photovoltaic installations.

We are a company that focuses on innovative solutions and at every level of the company’s operation we are always guided by the satisfaction of our customers. Our products are available in 12 European countries and our network of installers includes over 600 units.



The products offered by TERMOFOL are characterized by reliability, modern form, energy efficiency and compliance with European Union directives.

Our story:

Founding of the Termofol company, employment of the first employee, who is now the director of our company;

  • February - start of sales of heating foils;
  • May – obtaining the BBJ certificate;
  • June - Start of training for installers 2015
  • February – expansion into the British market;
  • May – extension of the offer to include thermoregulators;
  • June – expansion into the Norwegian market;
  • August - expansion to the Dutch market 2016
  • February – Renting a warehouse, moving the company from the garage;
  • May – expansion into German and Irish markets;
  • July – extension of the offer to include heating mats;
  • September – extension of the offer to include heating panels;
  • October – expansion into the Czech market;
  • October – commencement of cooperation with the "Our New Home" program as the main sponsor;
  • October - registration of the Termofol trademark;
  • October - the first title of "Super Seller" on Allegro, which we maintain to this day, 2017
  • January – Extension of the offer to include insulating underlay;
  • March – expansion into the French market;
  • April – participation in the INSTALACJE 2018 fair in Poznań;
  • May – expansion to the Croatian market 2018
  • February – expansion into the Austrian market;
  • June - decision to create proprietary software for designing and offering heating systems;
  • September – expansion into the Spanish market;
  • October - obtaining ZETOM certificates for Termofol products. Sales value reached $1 million;
  • November - creation of a b2b platform for the company's partners. We trained 88 installers in 2019
  • August - awarding of the "Golden Consumer Laurel" award;
  • December - main sponsor of the "New Year's Eve with Polsat" program;
  • Sales value reached $3 million; We trained 252 installers in 2020
  • January – decision to build a modern production and warehouse center in Targowisko near Kraków;
  • July - decision to purchase own office space in Krakow, achieving a sales value of $5 million;
  • August – expansion into the Bulgarian market;
  • We trained 306 new installers for 2021
  • March - commissioning of a modern production and warehouse center;
  • March - signing of a letter of intent regarding internships with the Małopolska State University. Captain Witold Pilecki in Oświęcim;
  • April - decision to create an original web application;
  • June - introduction of heating cables to the offer;
  • July – opening of the company's modern headquarters;
  • July – expansion to Ukraine, Moldova, Montenegro, Albania, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Slovenia;
  • August – obtaining the TUV certificate;
  • August - commencement of cooperation with the Leroy Merlin chain;
  • August – Decision to create an original e-learning platform for installers;
  • September – awarding of awards: Forbes Diamonds and Business Gazelles;
  • September - introduction of external heating systems to the offer;
  • December - the company reached the level of 50,000 completed. orders; Achieving sales value of $6 million; Our team already consisted of 40 people; We trained 392 installers 2022
  • March – participation in the ISH fair in Poznań;
  • May - decision to build additional warehouse facilities in Targowisko;
  • June – commencement of cooperation with the Puszcza Niepołomice club as the main sponsor of the Ekstraklasa football club;
  • July - extension of the offer to include electric fireplaces;
  • October - start of scientific and research cooperation with AGH 2023