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TERMOFOL is a European leader in the field of heating technologies based on infrared heating. TERMOFOL brand products are manufactured by the Polish company Termo-fol sp. z o. o.

Our products have certificates (CE, LDV, EMC, BBJ SEP, ROHS, MERITZ) and electrical safety tests.

We offer an assembly service of our products throughout Europe by specialized installers.


Heating foil

Infrared heating foil, or heating foil, is a top-class product that will work in almost every case. It is ideally suited as surface heating, with particular emphasis on underfloor, ceiling and wall heating. It can be safely said that the quality of workmanship combined with wide functionality makes it irreplaceable in its field. The thickness of the foil is only 0.338 mm, so it does not raise the floor level.


Electric heating mats can be used as basic heating or as a room heating installation to obtain the comfort of a warm floor. Our heating mats are offered in ready-to-install sets with a guarantee of the highest quality at competitive prices. The heating mat is a heating cable attached to a self-adhesive fiberglass mesh.



The heating system is controlled by a thermostat – temperature controller. Its task is to maintain the set air or floor temperature automatically. Each thermoregulator is an independent heating circuit that we can individually adapt to our needs. While household members are at work or during the night, the temperature can be reduced by programmable electronic thermoregulators with a clock, thanks to which we can easily program the temperature reduction at the right time. Thermoregulator with a built-in WiFi module – TERMOFOL TF-Wifi enables remote programming via the application on our smartphone and many other amenities.

Heating foils under the mirror

The heating foil under the mirror prevents water vapor from settling on the mirror surface, installation is quick and easy thanks to the self-adhesive surface of the foil.


Heating panels

Decorative infrared heating panels are an innovative solution for heating houses, apartments or public buildings. The thermoregulator used in them allows you to control the panel temperature as well as the air temperature in the room.


Outdoor infrared heaters

TERMOFOL outdoor infrared heaters are manufactured using the latest technology and a unique design.

Convector heaters

Convector radiator equipped with an aluminum low-temperature heater that guarantees quick temperature heating. The front is made of tempered glass and the controller is equipped with a WiFi module that allows you to control the heating from anywhere in the world. TERMOFOL convector heaters are an ideal solution for low-budget construction.


Ladder radiators

We are pleased to present our latest products that change the way you experience warmth and comfort in your bathroom.

KGJZ Heating Cables


KZT heating cables



TF-OHMAT heating mats for outdoor use create an intelligent anti-icing system. They are designed to heat sidewalks and driveways to protect against snow and ice.

Underfloor heating is a luxury that more and more Poles can afford. Currently, water installations are popular. However, underfloor heating under panels is an excellent alternative. It is not without reason that it replaces more traditional solutions. It has many advantages that justify its choice. Among other things, an important advantage of underfloor heating is the possibility of using it both in houses and apartments (almost in every room).

The system consists of several elements. The most important are heating cables and foils or mats, which are powered by electricity. All elements are installed under the floor. In addition, underfloor heating has a special layer of insulation that prevents moisture from entering and maintains the proper temperature. It is placed on a footing, concrete floor or concrete screed. It is a flexible heating system that can be adapted to the spatial needs, so it is worth consulting a specialist first to choose the most suitable underfloor heating installation.

When it comes to the underfloor heating installation system, the foil is not visible in any way. The only element that can be seen in underfloor heating are temperature controllers. They display all important information. Our underfloor heating system uses modern thermostats. With their help, you can control the air and floor temperature in real time. In addition, underfloor heating is controlled manually or via a dedicated application for smartphones and tablets. In other words, you change the temperature and heat level remotely!

Heating cables are the cheapest way to install an underfloor heating system. They are from 3 to 7 mm thick and are made of material with appropriate electrical resistance. Installation of underfloor heating cables requires connecting them to a tape or mesh and pouring them with screed. There are no guidelines regarding the number and density of wires, only the minimum distance between them (approx. 5 cm, the exact value is provided by the manufacturer depending on the model). The electric underfloor heating system must therefore be taken into account at the house design stage.

Another good installation solution are heating mats, which we also offer. When it comes to electric heating, the panels do not have to be dismantled – the mat is installed in a direct system. Using heating mats is a very simple way to additionally insulate rooms. You can choose a heating mat as underfloor heating at any time. This is most often done during renovation. This underfloor heating installation will be perfect for an apartment. However, compared to standard self-installed heating cables, the mats are more expensive. Their price is compensated by their very simple installation and the possibility of using them even in older buildings. The difference in temperature and heat of the entire surface before and after the installation of the heating system is strongly felt, thanks to strong thermal insulation.

Direct underfloor heating uses a heating foil that is installed just under the floor. Its thickness is less than a millimeter. Its small dimensions allow it to be used in an existing floor. Therefore, it works perfectly as electric underfloor heating under popular floor layers such as panels. Just remove the top layer of the substrate and then install the heating foil. After installation, the panels return to their place – no trace of the process remains. 

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A feature of this type of underfloor heating is that the foil, as the only product, can be used under all types of panels. This is due to the system reaching a temperature that is completely safe for all materials. The floor temperature in a utility room cannot exceed 29ºC and in the bathroom 31ºC. It is worth adding that the direct electrical installation heats the room in record time. Almost immediately after switching on (via a thermoregulator with a floor sensor), you can feel the difference in temperature. Older systems achieved the same effect after a minimum of an hour. Simple and effective electric underfloor heating should have all of the following elements:

  • subfloor,
  • floor sensor in a protective conduit,
  • thermal insulation underlay,
  • heating foil,
  • vapor barrier foil,
  • floor panels (or floorboard).

The entire heating system is completed with a customized thermoregulator to it. It is mounted on the wall in the most convenient place for the user, and at the same time quite close to the heating installation.

So far, the use of underfloor heating has been successful in rooms with ceramic tiles. A warm floor in the bathroom and toilet is a very sensible choice that increases the comfort of using them. However, underfloor heating is no longer associated only with sanitary rooms. This is not related to a change in mentality, but to the abolition of limitations resulting from technology.

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The electric floor heating we use does not reach a temperature that could negatively affect the use of flooring made of any material. Therefore, without any restrictions, underfloor heating can be chosen for a children’s room, bedroom, living room, hall and kitchen. Even temperature distribution will ensure constant thermal comfort in selected rooms. Electric underfloor heating works best in bathrooms. The ability to quickly heat the room and putting your foot on a warm tile are the biggest advantages of this solution. In turn, the hall, insulated in this way, welcomes guests and residents of the house with pleasant warmth right at the threshold. Underfloor heating in the living room allows you to spend your free time much more pleasantly. They will also be appreciated by parents of small children. The youngest family members can play on a warm surface that is therefore safe for their health. The same applies to children’s rooms. Electric floor heating is not limited to single-family homes. They can equally well be installed in apartments, but also in offices and similar service rooms. Please remember that ensuring appropriate temperature in the workplace is required by law. Moreover, employees perform their duties much better when their surroundings are pleasantly arranged and thermally optimal.

The obvious advantage of the system is ensuring the highest possible thermal comfort in a very short time. However, this is only one noteworthy advantage. Few people remember that the electric floor heating we provide allows you to reduce the average air temperature without reducing thermal comfort

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How is this possible? Well, electric underfloor heating is a complement to the standard method of heating rooms. When the product is working, fuel consumption in the main installation can be reduced. According to estimates, this way you can save up to 20% of the energy required to maintain thermal comfort. This solution translates into real savings in the home budget. Underfloor heating under panels gives even more. The temperature distribution in rooms varies greatly. By filling the floor surface with ducts, you can ensure the most effective heat distribution – ensure temperature regulation in the rooms. This also applies to surfaces near external walls, where the temperature is usually lower because heat escapes faster. In such places, the flexible arrangement of pipes has a positive effect on the heat generated.

Moreover, this solution is recommended for allergy sufferers. Underfloor heating in a room does not produce a temperature higher than that reached by the human body. As a result, there is no air circulation in selected rooms, which could spread dust and mites. In addition, electric underfloor heating – thanks to the heating foil – creates anions that filter the air.

The cost of underfloor heating will vary slightly in each home. Much depends on factors such as the energy efficiency of the building, the façade insulation used, window joinery and regional electricity prices. It is worth emphasizing, however, that electric underfloor heating is not as expensive a solution as some people think. Electricity bills are increasing, but this is still a saving – the fuel used to heat homes usually costs much more than electricity. Moreover, electric floor heating is only used for a few months – in the worst case, for half of the year.

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There is no need to use the system outside the season, which does not generate additional costs. Anyone interested in electric underfloor heating is welcome to contact us by phone or e-mail. Our representatives will answer every question and present the most important advantages of the presented system. We can also help you choose standard or storage electric underfloor heating.

In many circles, underfloor heating has a reputation for being comfortable but not very profitable – this issue definitely needs to be corrected. Today, investors are increasingly choosing electric underfloor heating, which may turn out to be even more advantageous than water heating in terms of price. Modern methods of producing heating elements and professional installation allow for a gradual reduction of costs associated with this project. More and more people decide to use renewable energy sources – photovoltaic installations – at the design stage of their home. This means that the costs of electric underfloor heating can reach zero zlotys per month once the costs of installing both it and photovoltaic panels are recouped.

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The comfort of use and the advantages of underfloor heating under panels are beyond dispute. The thermostat, which enables even temperature distribution, is controlled using a convenient, small wall panel, and you can feel the heat in the air and on the floor just a few minutes after turning on the heating. It should be added here that in the case of the described installation, basically the entire floor is a radiator. Therefore, when it comes to electric underfloor heating, the opinions of modern users seem more reliable than those from years ago, regarding outdated technologies that have little in common with the current state of cost and use. Heating under panels does not generate much higher costs of maintaining temperature than other methods, such as gas or oil furnaces. However, it requires a proper design, selection of the right model and professional installation by experienced installers.

Underfloor heating is a good choice both when it is installed to raise the temperature in a room with traditional radiators or a fireplace, and as the only way to insulate and maintain the temperature throughout the house. Electric underfloor heating under the panels will work well because there is no need to place the mat in the adhesive mortar. This feature is very important when electric floor heating is installed during a house renovation. It is also the best choice when you plan to install this type of heating in single, small spaces, for example in the bathroom (especially in them you can experience how heat positively affects the comfort of the body after getting out of the bath, especially in winter – more on this topic below ).

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Underfloor installation is a very good solution for any home, but in some situations it simply works better than in others. It is best to take electric underfloor heating into account at the stage of house design by an architect, or before renovation. Otherwise, its installation will involve the need to remove the old floor in order to arrange the underfloor heating loop and heating elements. The high costs of electric underfloor heating are one of the most important disadvantages, which are even more difficult to accept the larger the area the investor decides to heat this way. However, you can easily turn the use of electricity for this purpose to your advantage by installing photovoltaic panels to reap the benefits of underfloor heating completely free of charge.

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When it comes to electric underfloor heating, installation costs are usually lower than in the case of water installation. This is due to the need to have a gas, oil or solid fuel furnace, heating with a heat pump, and a boiler room specially adapted for this purpose, which additionally requires the construction of a ventilation system, which generates additional costs. Underfloor heating under panels operating on electricity does not require additional installations, e.g. a heat pump, because it is connected to the existing electrical network. Moreover, in a water installation, you need to spend a little more time to properly plan the pipe arrangement. A pressure test of the water underfloor heating system should also be carried out in two stages (to check for leaks).

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Underfloor heating allows you to give up traditional radiators (often spoiling the aesthetics of rooms and making them difficult to furnish). In houses insulated with this method, the floor becomes a source of energy, from a large surface of which heat penetrates into the air, raising its temperature and providing thermal comfort. However, heating under panels or floors does not make much sense where the heated air has nowhere to go. This applies primarily to permanent kitchen or bathroom structures under which no underfloor heating is installed. It is also recommended that electric underfloor heating is not placed where the floor is to be covered with carpets or rugs. Therefore, many investors refrain from installing flooring in the living room or bedrooms – where the floor area is relatively small and where users often decide to rearrange the furniture or decorative floor coverings. Electric underfloor heating does not have to be installed in storerooms, laundries or utility rooms where there is no need to maintain a comfortable temperature because people rarely stay there. In large rooms, it is easier to plan the installation over the entire surface or part of it, because there is more room for maneuver between places where underfloor heating should not be placed.

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Underfloor heating is a very often used solution in bathrooms – where a constant, high room temperature is expected, which is favorable for bathing. It works particularly well in small bathrooms, where a radiator on the wall makes it difficult to place furniture and sanitary appliances. When it comes to electric underfloor heating, opinions are among the most favorable. However, please remember that special insulation is necessary to prevent moisture from penetrating under the floor and possible damage to the entire system. In this way, the underfloor heating installation is protected and resistant to damage. Many investors choose water heating for the bathroom, while radiators dominate the rest of the house. However, the floor does not heat (usually) from spring to autumn. Heating the floor independently of a heating boiler, i.e. electric heating, is a good choice when you want to achieve the effect of leaving the bathtub or shower directly on warm tiles, even in spring or summer. This is also a very good solution when small children live at home and want to ensure maximum thermal comfort while bathing. In the case of a bathroom, an insulating mat for underfloor heating is useful, ensuring protection against moisture and proper thermal conductivity.

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Virtually any type of floor is suitable for underfloor heating, both ceramic tiles and panels. Electric underfloor heating under the panels will ensure proper insulation of the room and may be a great idea in selected spaces such as a bedroom or living room. However, you must choose a panel model whose manufacturer declares good thermal conductivity and use this parameter when choosing a specific product. Another issue is the flooring used under the floor. As a rule, underfloor heating is embedded in tile adhesive or self-leveling screed (the layer thickness depends on its type). When it comes to electric underfloor heating, the cost of the entire investment is lower because the heating mat is mounted directly under the panels or tiles – just remove the outer layer of the floor. Its location does not significantly increase the level of the room, so you can use electric heating under panels and tiles without carrying out a general, comprehensive renovation.

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The insulating mat in an underfloor heating system is a thin layer placed under the heating element. Its use is primarily to reduce possible heat loss. Additionally, it muffles the sounds of footsteps and ground sounds. Therefore, it is perfect if you plan to have underfloor heating in the bedroom or living room. Installation under the panels will make it easier to walk barefoot in rooms – which is preferred by many people

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As for the costs of using underfloor heating, they can be reduced by using an insulating mat, so it is recommended to lay it – especially since it does not increase the level too much. floors. Its use prevents heat loss, providing thermal insulation.

Underfloor heating is a very convenient solution that allows you to use an exposed, large surface as a heat source, leaving the walls free, without radiators making furniture difficult. A warm floor also means comfort for your feet and eliminates the need to use thick carpets and rugs. Electric underfloor heating is becoming more and more popular, especially in the era of widespread use of renewable energy sources. This is the basic way to reduce the cost of this form of home heating. The investment is made once – in photovoltaic panels used to produce energy and in electric underfloor heating. Depending on the size of the investment, its costs should be returned after a few or a dozen or so years. From now on, you can use electricity heating completely free of charge. 

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The second way to save will be to use storage underfloor heating in your home, which consumes electricity only when it is cheaper. It is also worth implementing healthy habits that support the proper use of media, such as less frequent but intensive ventilation in winter with the heating turned off (minimizing frequent heat loss), as well as avoiding temperature fluctuations, in which a thermostat can be useful. A constant, comfortable temperature for household members not only saves money, but above all has a positive effect on health, comfort and thermal comfort. When used properly, the costs of underfloor heating are comparable to other forms of home heating. If you are wondering whether to choose underfloor heating for your new house or apartment, our advisors will be happy to suggest the best solutions! Contact us.

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