Remotely controlled electric heater

Termofol convector heaters are not only high quality, but also comfortable and modern.

Remotely controlled electric heater

Termofol convector heaters are not only high quality, but also comfortable and modern.

Convenience of using an electric heater

Temperature control from anywhere in the world as standard!

Convenience of using an electric heater

Temperature control from anywhere in the world as standard!

TERMOFOL electric heater with the option of control via WIFI application

TERMOFOL radiators are a modern and energy-saving convector radiator with the option of wall or leg mounting. Dedicated to heating:

  • Bedrooms,
  • Children’s rooms,
  • Living rooms,
  • Bathrooms,
  • Offices,
  • Public buildings,
  • Utility rooms, garages.

The device can be remotely controlled using a phone or tablet with Android or iOS.

Advantages of using convector heaters

Built-in programmable thermoregulator with WiFi control

Precise temperature control from 5°C to 45°C with an accuracy of 1°C. Such precise regulation allows you to set a specific temperature along with a schedule, thus minimizing operating costs. The radiator will be perfect, for example, in workplaces where light physical work is performed and in office rooms where the temperature cannot be lower than 18°C.

Precise timer

The device is equipped with a precise 24-hour timer with an accuracy of 1 hour, so we can precisely plan the radiator to turn off at a specific time.

Built-in weekly programmer

The device can be programmed to work at selected times according to the set schedule on each day of the week.

Safety of use

Overheating protection ensures that the device turns off if the radiator air outlet is accidentally covered.Remember that each additional security affects your safety.

Increased level of protection

The TERMOFOL convection heater has an IP24 protection rating. In accordance with applicable regulations, this device may be installed in rooms with increased humidity, e.g. bathrooms.

Specification of convector heaters

Fast and effective heating of rooms

Fast heating of the room is guaranteed by a modern aluminum low-temperature heater made using the latest X-Shape technology. The front is made of tempered glass, clear backlight, weekly programming and temperature control via the application are just some of the available functionalities.

Modern look thanks to the use of a front made of tempered glass

The front panel is made of tempered glass, the radiator is equipped with a touch digital thermostat with an LCD display. Unique design for reasonable money. The device can act as a decorative radiator in both ordinary rooms and those with a modern look.

Watt power
Current strength A
Current frequency, Hz
Weight kg
Heating area m2
The amount of heat
Radiator dimensions length / width / thickness / mm

TF-PH-03 WiFi convector heater

The TF-PH-03 electric convector heater is a modern device tailored to the needs of every user. 

The original appearance of the device goes hand in hand with its durability and heating efficiency. The highest quality elements, such as the aluminum housing and the LED front display made of tempered glass, guarantee that the device will look very good and at the same time be resistant to minor scratches and mechanical damage. The original effect is enhanced by the radiator’s LED backlight, which can operate regardless of the heating function. 

Thanks to its compact size, the radiator will not take up much space and, at the same time, thanks to the power of 2000 W, it will quickly heat the room in which it is connected. 

The radiator is light, equipped with wheels and a handy, movable handle that makes it easy to move the device depending on your needs. 

What is very important – the heater can be controlled using the attached remote control or via an application installed on a smartphone or tablet. Communication with the device then takes place via the WiFi network. 

Thanks to these features, the device can be used both for heating and reheating rooms with various functions.

  • Power: 1000/2000W, possibility of smooth adjustment of the power level

  • Clear, touch-sensitive LED display made of tempered glass

  • Control via the included remote control and via an application to be installed on a smartphone and tablet

  • 100% safe - the device is equipped with child protection (Child Lock) and built-in protection against overheating and tipping over

  • Device dimensions (with legs and wheels installed): width 57 cm x height 61.5 cm x depth 25 cm

  • Modern look – Goes well with interiors decorated in currently fashionable styles – modern, minimalist and industrial

  • Very efficient - quick heating of the room

  • Low weight of the device (5.6 kg)

  • Solidly made - high-quality components, painted aluminum casing, tempered front display glass.

  • Easy installation of legs ensuring the stability of the radiator and at the same time making it easier to move. Moving the radiator is facilitated by a practical, movable handle.

  • It is perfect as a device for heating residential, office and utility rooms.

TF-MH convector heaters

The Termofol convector heater is a modern device that combines efficiency, aesthetics and functionality. It was designed to ensure thermal comfort in your home. This innovative radiator has gained recognition among users thanks to its advantages and versatile use. Simple design and easy control make using our radiator easy and hassle-free.

  • Quiet operation.
  • Fast heating.
  • Elegant design.
  • Simple control.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Versatile use.
  • Light construction.
  • Possibility to mount wheels.
  • No heating medium.

The Termofol convector heater is an ideal solution for people looking for an effective, energy-saving and elegant heat source. It offers comfort in a modern style, without compromising on quality and safety.

Watt power
Radiator dimensions width / height / depth (cm)
220 – 240V
46 / 42 / 9
220 – 240V
61,5 / 42 / 9
220 – 240V
71,5 / 42 / 9
220 – 240V
90 / 42 / 9

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FAQ electric heater

Our offer includes convector heaters and infrared heating panels. Convector heaters operate based on the convection phenomenon, while heating panels are heaters based on infrared waves, which makes them economical. Our range includes modern electric heaters using convection, as well as infrared heating panels. The former look like traditional radiators, but thanks to the power supply and built-in electronics, our convector heaters have many additional functions, e.g. precise temperature setting, timer or remote control. Infrared heating is a completely innovative technology that allows for economical and more even heating of rooms.


According to the International Protection Rating scale, our electric heaters have an IP24 rating, which means protection against finger access to hazardous parts and protection against water splashes from any direction. Therefore, such a convector heater is suitable for installation in the bathroom.

Control is possible from the built-in thermoregulator or from the application. The built-in thermoregulator allows you to set the temperature in the range of 5-45°C, as well as operate a timer and a weekly programmer. All functions are also available remotely, via phones and tablets with Android or iOS. The electric convector heater also works with the universal Tuya Smart application.


Yes, the legs are included. The radiator can be installed on the wall or used as a free-standing heat source. Our products are designed both for wall installation and for use as a free-standing heat source. For a device such as an electric heater, the price includes detachable feet that enable this second use.


Yes, the thermoregulator is programmable from the application level. The application allows you to enter a schedule according to which the convector heater will turn on and off at specific times depending on the day of the week. Thanks to this solution, on weekdays the device can turn on an hour before the household returns, warming up the room for their arrival, and on days off – it can work from the morning. Good management of working time allows you to effectively minimize heating expenses.


Yes, the Tuya Smart application is compatible with our thermoregulator.

Yes, convector heaters have the option of turning off the built-in panel, preventing unauthorized access. Direct operation of the device is re-enabled from the application level. This is one of the simplifications that makes the product, our convector heater, receive very positive opinions.


Yes. When used properly, there is no risk of overheating because they are low-temperature radiators. However, this situation may occur as a result of accidentally covering the air outlet. The device will then turn off automatically.


Yes, taking into account ecological and economic issues, modern electric heaters are equipped with the function of reducing power by 50%. This allows you to save energy, reducing your electricity costs and helping to protect the environment.

This type of radiator increases the temperature in the air using the phenomenon of convection, i.e. the rising of warm air. This can be done in two ways. Radiators with a built-in fan suck in air from the top, heat it inside and release it through the lower holes. Gravitational radiators, on the other hand, suck in air from the bottom and let it out at the top.

Opinions are divided on whether it is worth choosing an electric heater. However, this is supported by the possibility of heating the house outside the heating season, as well as using it in rooms without central heating. More precise temperature control and the programming function are other great advantages. When it comes to electric low-temperature heaters, the price of such a device and the operating cost are relatively low compared to their efficiency.

The price of such a device depends on various factors. First of all, the model. Each of our products is equipped with the same functions, but the differences concern size, power consumption and efficiency. The larger the room, the more expensive low-temperature radiators suitable for it will be. The price increases proportionally with the heating power.

Opinions about each product are a good indicator of its quality. Opinions vary when it comes to purchasing an electric radiator, but our products are met with satisfaction from customers who decide to choose this solution. Before purchasing, you should also pay attention to which electric convector heaters have the appropriate heating power to ensure appropriate conditions in a specific room.

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