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Heating film: the electric underfloor heating Heating film: the electric underfloor heating


The heating film is the high quality heating product used mainly for: underfloor heating, wall heating and ceiling heating, but the functionality of the product along with the unlimited human imagination creates the new usage of the heating film. The non standard usage of the heating film is the terrarium and camp site heating or used as a main heating element in radiators, platforms or heating pillows. The heating film is a hit in the recent years in the branch of heating in churches, where the local electric underfloor heating is a guarantee of the highest comfort and lowest exploitation cost. Thanks to the wide range of usage of our product, everyone will find the warmth for himself. You can design the electric underfloor heating by yourselves and not only. More …

Contrary to the common opinion about the “expensive electric heating”, the heating film totally changes the aspect of the heating of that kind. The infrared heating consumes 60% less electric energy than the conventional heating systems! Our heating film is of the highest quality so we provide a guarantee for the heating system assembled by a professional installer for 30 years! In case of assembling on your own, the adjunction must be done by an electrician having a SEP license. The heating film – assembly instruction.

The heating film – the underfloor heating of the 21st century

Today, there is no better, more advanced heating technology than a heating film. The high quality product will ensure you with the maximal thermal comfort in the whole house. The thin, but extraordinarily efficient heating film will let you heat effectively almost every room. As the whole structure is installed directly under the panels, the technology is almost invisible. The full automation lets regulating the heat level according to our expectations. The electric underfloor heating with the help of the infrared heating film has a significant influence on the well-being of people in the room – it not only provides the maximal comfort in use but it has also an impact on the immune system. More…



zalety ogrzewania folia grzewczaEconomy 

The heating film is an innovative solution which is currently the cheapest heating system. The investment cost is low and the exploitation cost is similar to the central gas heating system. The application in our smartphone lets the precise control of the temperature in our house and the system TERMOFOL TAPHOME learns our habits generating the additional savings. The system is under a 30-years guarantee which assures using the product of the highest quality. More


Heating with a heating film is a user friendly system. The heating film used as a surface heating, in which the heat goes through the whole surface in a low temperature, guarantees the lack of dust mites. The traditional heating systems give the heat through convection, when the air in the room goes from the bottom to the top raising the dust mites and spreading them in the air. The underfloor heating or wall heating does not dry the respiratory tracks and conjunctiva.


The heating films are an ecological heating system fully compatible with OZE. In our offer you will find the heating films energized by direct current and an alternating one thanks to which we have the possibility of a chosen configuration of the heating with a home power station. The heating film energized by a direct current can be plugged in directly to the photovoltaic panels or we can use the heating film energized by the direct current plugged in to the installation. The choice of our heating is the possibility of funding. more


The direct electric underfloor heating ogrzewanie podlogowe folia grzejna

The heating film is installed as a direct or storage underfloor heating. The direct underfloor heating is the assembly of a heating film directly under the floor panels without raising the floor level, thanks to which we can also install them under the existing floors. The heating film in the underfloor heating system uses directly the ability of storing the heat of the board thanks to which heating the floor takes only few minutes and not hours. The heating film with a low power (80W/m2) is used mainly as an alternative heating in the already installed heating (the comfort of a warm floor) and the heating floors with a higher power are used as a primary heating system guaranteeing the thermal comfort in the room even when it’s freezing cold outside. The underfloor heating is controlled from the temperature controller equipped in the floor sensor. In our offer we have also the basic temperature controllers as well as those with a function of programming or controlling from the application in our smartphone.


The storage electric underfloor heatingogrzewanie folia grzejna plytki

The heating film installed in the system of the storage underfloor heating is an ideal mix of the heating film and a heat battery – an anhydrite spout. An anhydrite spout works as a radiator, it warms up for a long time, giving the heat for a long time. The system is based on a complicated installation and that is why it is not recommended for the small rooms in which the easier solution would be using our other product – the heating mat. The storage system allows the assembly of a heating film under the surfaces as the ceramic plates, glued board, parquet, linoleum or the carpet which was never possible before! The heating films warm up the spout when the current is cheaper (the second rate) and then the spout – battery gives the heat to the room for a few hours after turning off the heating.



The heating mat

Our Heating mat – is a heating cable, profiled and fixed to the elastic supporting net. Our heating mat is installed in the direct system under the ceramic plates, sinking them in the layer of the elastic glue for the underfloor heating. Using the heating mat in the bathroom guarantees the comfort of a warm floor and it is very easy to assemble it. Our heating mats are an innovative product, the patented technology eliminates the electromagnetic fields up to the minimum and using the high quality materials guarantees the failure-free operation for many years.



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