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Application of heating film

elektryczne ogrzewanie podlogowe folia grzewcza

Underfloor heating with a heating film

The electric underfloor heating allows us to lower significantly the average air temperature without the aggravating the heat comfort in rooms. It is estimated that this modern solution lets saving up to 20% of the energy needed for heating the house. The high quality along with the wide functionality and relatively low costs significantly increases the heating comfort in the flat, house or an office.

The heating film is practically invisible but special source of heat which gives us the possibility of an optional interior design without the necessity of decreasing the floor area. It is also worth noticing the high durability and reliability – 30 years of guaranty.

We offer the electric underfloor heating in two systems:

  • The direct underfloor heating – the system installed directly under the panels, wooden desks.
  • The storage underfloor heating – the system installed under the storage spout where the upper layer consists of the ceramic plates or the glued parquet. Learn more…

Wall heatingogrzewanie scienne folie grzejne

Wall heating guarantees the even temperature on the whole height of the room. There is no air circulation because of giving the warmth to the room through radiation. The wall finishing element are the cardboard – plaster plates with and without the finishing, the laminated boards, the wall panels.

The ceiling heating are installed in the places where the underfloor or wall heating isn’t possible because of the lack of free space. (e.g. a build-up floor, a thick carpet or a build-up wall)

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In our offer we have the Heating Film with the power of 400W/m2 which can be used in order to make an own radiator. By assembling the heating films under the cardboard-plaster plate or a natural stone we will have a radiator with a low electric energy consumption, high ability and thanks to using the temperature controller we will have full control over the work temperature and our radiator will consume about 30% less electric energy comparing to power.




podgrzewane lustro folia grzewcza

Heated mirrors

Using the heating film under the mirror guarantees the impossibility of misting the mirror and additionally, our mirror will become a radiator. The radiator, in this case a mirror, guarantees the possibility of increasing the temperature comfort in the room in the short period of time. Learn more…




Heating the churches

The heating film will be perfect as a heating element in the primary heating systems in churches. A quick warming up guarantees low exploitation costs and the radiation warms up people in short time. The system is installed regionally, thanks to which we have a possibility of turning on given zones, depending on the number of people.

  • Heating platforms – Using the heating film as an electric underfloor heating in the form of sectional platforms is a safe and durable heating system ensuring the even heat.
  • The direct warming up the people: The direct warming up is placing a heating element on a bench (e.g. as a heating pillow) or under a bench (as a heater) which emits the heat warming up the user in a few minutes.



The exemplary possibilities of using the Heating Film:

  • The balcony and shop windows are the surfaces which generate the bigger heat losses. By installing the Heating Film band in this area under the floor, we build a curtain which will limit the flow of the cold air. The function works as an underfloor heating.
  • The heating pillows – Our product is perfect for making all kinds of pillows, mats, heating blankets with a constant and alternating voltage.
  • Zoology – Joining the Heating Film and a temperature controller creates the climate for your pet.
  • Heating the recreational vehicles / camping – The film energized with a permanent current works perfectly in heating the caravans, summer houses in which we don’t have the access to the power supply. The system can be plugged in to the battery or directly to the photovoltaic panels.



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