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The technologically advanced infrared heating film

Folia grzewcza - folie grzewcze - folia grzejnaThe infrared heating film or a heating film is a product of the highest class which will be useful in almost every case. It is ideal as a surface heating, especially the underfloor, ceiling or wall heating. We can assume that the precision of manufacturing with a functionality makes it irreplaceable in its branch.

The technology of the heating films

The heating films work based on an electric resistance of the carbon. The infrared heating film consists of the selected carbon and an aluminum paste deposited, thanks to the modern technology (the printing technique), on the PET foil. This material has perfect insulating and fire-proof qualities. The PET foil is secured by the special LAMINEX foil. The electrode made of a copper band allows flowing of the current and the silver band is secured from the sparking.



The infra-red heating films (the heating film, the carbon film) parameters:

  • Thickness: 0,338 mm
  • Measurements: length multiple 25 cm
  • Width: 25 cm, 50 cm, 100 cm
  • Power Supply: mains electricity AC 230 V
  • Voltage: DC 24 V or 12 V
  • Power: from 80 W/m2 to 400 W/m2

The heat is generated with the electric resistance on the special, graphite heating bands. The heating power depends on the distance between the mentioned bands and the quantity of the graphite used. The heating films with a relatively low power will be perfect for the alternative heating (the comfort of a warm floor), but with the higher power as a basic primary heating system.

The usage of the heating films:


  • The electric underfloor heating
  • The electric wall heating
  • Warming up the mirrors –anti-steam system
  • Radiators – infrared heaters
  • Heating the churches
  • Heating the recreational vehicles / camping


The benefits of heating with a heating film: korzysci folia grzejna

  • Low investment costs
  • Low exploitation costs
  • Place saving – lack of the boiler-house
  • Precise temperature control
  • Lack of radiators – more possibilities for the interior design
  • Maintenance-free
  • No problems with filling up the water in the installation and the ventilation
  • No carbon monoxide risks
  • No explosion risks
  • There’s no need to build and construct a chimney
  • No heat losses – the heat is produced in the place of usage
  • Durability – the lifespan of the heating film is 100 years

How to choose a heating film?

The choice of a heating film, contrary to what most of us think, does not depend only on our needs. At first, we need to determine the heating power of every room in which we want to install. If we don’t find those data in the project, we need to accept the estimated calculations based on a construction, local destination and the individual needs. In our offer you will find many different models of the heating films with different power – from 80 W/m2 to 400 W/m2 . The weaker solutions, which can meet the expectations for the heating power, have significant time delay (the longer waiting time for gaining the parameters). We personally recommend the stronger heating films (from 140 W/ m2) in case when the delay time is small, which results in the maximal thermal comfort in the room.

WARNING: Regardless of the heating power, the need for energy is the same. The difference is that only in the time of warming up the energy consumption is the same!

The fastness of the temperature rising depends also on the size of the heating area – the bigger percent of the floor cover, the shorter is the time of waiting for the right temperature. The comfort of using the heating films in the surface heating system depends mainly on the electronic temperature regulator. In our offer you will find the standard models – with the function of choosing the temperature and a simple security system, as well as the technologically advanced models – with a touch screen, wide personal mode and those cooperating with the remote control system. In case of the extended products, the user have the possibility of choosing the most effective control system, adjusted for his needs.

WARNING: Before purchasing the heating film, ask for the European research and check the protection of the heating film! Learn more…


The most frequent mistakes while choosing the heating film and their consequences

The heating film – the choice of the right power

The choice and installation in the surface heating systems isn’t complicated and invasive. However, there are few key issues that need to be considered while designing and installing.
The basic problem, which we can meet while designing the heating film systems, is using the model with too low power unit. It may result from the wrongly estimated need for the heating power. Besides the obvious insufficient heating, the time, after which the temperature quality will have the aimed (or close to it) level, will be longer than in the correctly measured installation.

Adjusting the heated surface for the heating film

In case of installing the film with the correct power but covering too small floor surface, the time of waiting for gaining the comfort parameters in the room will be longer. But in this case, we will ensure the expected heating power guaranteeing the warmth in the room. Also then, the time of waiting for gaining the optimal parameters will be longer but in this case we will ensure the expected heating power.

The choice of the temperature controller adjusted for the heating films

Using the temperature controller with joint of too low power (in terms of the controlled power) may cause the damage of the actuators which results in the fault of the heating system – the lack of heating.

The installed heating film shouldn’t exceed 80% of the allowed power of the temperature controller.

The heating film and the heating mat

The heating film, contrary to the classical cables or heating mats, warms up the entire surface and not only one place, through the line with a high temperature, thanks to which we can install it under almost every surface. The heating film uses 50% less electric energy than the traditional heating mats.


Structure of Heating Film

Budowa folii grzewczych


① Carbon Heat Area
② Copper Booth Bar
③ Silver Booth Bar
④ Base (PET) Film
⑤ Laminex Film


Connection of Heating Film

schemat podl�czenia folii grzewczych









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